"Cathodic protection – corrosion control for embedded/immersed structures"

In everyday practice we meet many owners of the immersed steel pipelines and tanks who doubt whether to apply cathodic protection system or not…

There’s no doubt about it!

Those without cathodic protection system change their pipelines after 4-15 years, while the pipelines of those who have CP system last well over 50 years, not to mention the savings seen as less product losses, better flow and higher work safety. There is less investing in cathodic protection system than in new repairs caused by corrosion.

When deciding on cathodic protection application, you decide on people’s safety and environmental protection. "YES" is an answer in the line with sustainable development strategies.

Contact PA-EL today so that we can put your corrosion under control as soon as tomorrow!


ice class anode_cathodic protection_platformPULA BOAT FAIR 2014 was a good opportunity for offshore cathodic protection programme presentation. Various types of anodes and reference electrodes could be seen on PA-EL’s exhibition stand. Special attention is added to ICE CLASS programme and extremely mechanically resistant ICECLASS-A10 anode.

One of the main aims is to raise the awareness of impressed current cathodic protection application benefit for steel hull boats. No anode replacement, high current capacity and controllable parameters can be underlined as main advantages.

With careful design ICCP systems can be successfully applied on aluminium hulls as well.


DCIM101GOPROExperience with project of Cathodic Protection of platform in Filanovsky oil field in North Caspian see gave us a good reason to push furthermore development of special anodes for Cathodic Protection of platforms and ships that may be subject of harsh environment and ice impacts. Therefore, PA-EL went for scale down and has built up a pool for anode testing. Pool is filled with 2 cubic meters of artificial sea water with salinity that corresponds with Filanovsky region.

Testing pool can control several parameters; current, voltage, salinity, temperature, agitation… Besides CP parameters there is also availability for testing of coatings intended for splash zone and particularly, coatings compatibility with CP protection and overprotection.

A promo video of PA-EL ICE CLASS PROGRAMME will be released soon.


The already traditional International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals, organized by the Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association was held successfully for the twenty-eighth time in Opatija, Croatia. International gas conference and exhibition – the largest annual gas event in South-East Europe – gathered about 500 participants from 16 European countries and United States of America.

During the three days of the event a total of 39 papers (of which 2 invited presentations and 9 papers in poster session) were presented.

At the same time, in front of the Grand Hotel Adriatic congress hall premises the largest three-day exhibition of gas equipment in South-East Europe took place where 32 exhibitors, of which 12 from abroad, presented their products and services. The exhibition was attended by representatives of gas equipment manufacturers and traders who have actively participated as exhibitors at Opatija Meetings of gas professionals for a number of years, but also a significant number of new exhibitors from Croatia and especially from abroad have participated for the first time.

PA-EL together with our friend company ELOB was participating this event in exhibition session.

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