"Cathodic protection – corrosion control for embedded/immersed structures"

In everyday practice we meet many owners of the immersed steel pipelines and tanks who doubt whether to apply cathodic protection system or not…

There’s no doubt about it!

Those without cathodic protection system change their pipelines after 4-15 years, while the pipelines of those who have CP system last well over 50 years, not to mention the savings seen as less product losses, better flow and higher work safety. There is less investing in cathodic protection system than in new repairs caused by corrosion.

When deciding on cathodic protection application, you decide on people’s safety and environmental protection. "YES" is an answer in the line with sustainable development strategies.

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IMG_644422nd International Conference of Materials Protection and Industrial Finish “KORMAT 2016″ was held on 20th of April. Conference shared new experiences in wide spectrum of corrosion protection techniques. In our field of expertise especially interesting was debate on “ER” corrosion measurement technique, a new approach that takes place in Cathodic Protection industry. Corrosion rate in mm/year does not replace polarization potential as main criterion, on the contrary it emphasise evaluation of Cathodic Protection effectiveness.

Combat corrosion trough integral approach

corrosionAs shown in everyday practice, when dealing with one corrosion protection technique usually you are witnessing other corrosion attacks that challenge you to work them out as well. This challenge requires additional knowledge that is often shifted from particular core business. For example, cathodic protection engineer is working to protect subsea monopile section but also, notices that aboveground piece is strongly corroding due to the poor coating within the splash zone. Another one, underground manhole is point where pipeline cathodic protection stops, but not corrosion. This may be a good opportunity to involve vapour corrosion inhibitor as potential solution. Examples may be found even in simplest installation such as corrosion monitoring test posts, where corrosion occurs mostly due to the condensation and incompatible metal connections. Solution? Select metals that tolerate each other and provide solid airing.

No matter if it is on site or trough project, offering client an integral corrosion protection solution or at least advising him on problem and solution respectively, may increase mutual trust and may push decision makers to invest more into asset integrity and safety.

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