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CETRA 2024

"Cathodic protection of pile caps on Pelješac bridge: in-depth analysis of the system" is the paper that was presented at CETRA 2024 (8th International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructure). It was a great experience discussing our findings on the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems.

Corrosion Awareness Day 2024

Today, we recognize April 24th as Corrosion Awareness Day, designated by the World Corrosion Organization (WCO). It's a day to shine a light on the silent yet significant impact of corrosion on our world.

Corrosion silently erodes infrastructure, from bridges to pipelines, costing billions annually and endangering lives. It affects industries, from aerospace to maritime, compromising safety and efficiency. Yet, awareness of corrosion effect severity remains low.

This day serves as a reminder to individuals, industries, and governments to prioritize corrosion prevention and mitigation efforts. It's a call to action to invest in research, education, and innovative technologies to combat corrosion's destructive effects.

Let's join hands to protect our infrastructure, environment, and economy from the corrosive forces that threaten them. Together, we can build a safer, more resilient future.

Getting ready for another offshore journey to keep subsea pipelines in check!


Four additional water heaters have been supplied to the fleet of vessels under the permanent protection of the ICCP system. After 16 years of service, significant corrosion led to hull perforations. Moving forward, corrosion loss will be permanently arrested for the remainder of the vessels' operational life, without the need for equipment replacement.

This process is automatically controlled using Zn pseudo electrodes, with current supplied by a Ti+IrO2 anode. Furthermore, two weight loss coupons (CP and non-CP) are installed for enhanced evaluation later on.

NAPEC 2023

PA-EL has participated in the latest NAPEC (2023) conference at Oran, Algerie. NAPEC (North Africa Energy & Hydrogen Exhibition and conference) is the largest and most influential International Exhibition and conference in the hydrocarbon and energy sectors in Africa and the Mediterranean, dedicated to the North African market and is the place to develop, grow and meet the energy and hydrocarbons industry professionals coming from all over the world. NAPEC took place in Oran, in the International Convention Center Mohamed Ben Ahmed (CCO), in Algeria, and lasted from November 13 to 15, 2023.

Access to North Africa and the Mediterranean energy and hydrocarbons markets presents an opportunity to showcase your technologies, products, and services to an international audience, and to connect with professionals who can be instrumental in building profitable business connections. It is an excellent platform for demonstrating your expertise, networking with key players in the industry, and building relationships that can lead to successful partnerships.

The NAPEC 2023 platform has brought together NOCs, IOCs, leading energy companies, solutions and technology providers, EPC contractors, and government representatives to discuss, share knowledge and accelerate progress towards achieving the energy transition, decarbonisation, carbon capture, and mitigating climate change. This platform provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the energy industry to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights and experiences, and explore innovative solutions that will drive the energy transition and mitigate the impact of climate change.


Smart Grid Days is the AUTOMA event that since 2014 has become part of the agendas of industry players around the world. The event was set up as a multi-voice and multi-handed account on the news concerning the world of remote monitoring and control of pressures and cathodic protection.

Together with the major institutional realities of the sector, the international regulatory evolution and 4.0 technologies were explored: Data Analytics, IoT, Security and Smart Grids. All the ingredients for an event rich and dense with content, designed with insiders for insiders.

The event was held in Ancona (Italy) from 25th to 27th October in the magnificent scenery of the Conero Riviera.

The event attracts professionals from all over the world, reaching a new attendance record every year. Indeed, it represents an important business platform, where industry players come together to increase bilateral exchanges by sharing experiences, and to discuss regulations and innovation.

Representing PA-EL, colleague Krešimir Kekez has held the presentation on “Urgent retrofitting of heavily damaged heat exchanger with impressed current cathodic protection”. Presentation focused on the cathodic protection systems for use in boiler and heat exchangers retrofit and corrosion protection.


International scientific & expert meeting of gas professionals was held during May 10-12, 2023 in Opatija at Congress center Grand Hotel Adriatic, organized by Croatian Association of Gas Professionals (HSUP), a member of the International Gas Union (IGU) and the Croatian Gas Center. The three-day international conference and exhibition dedicated to natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LPG) and low-carbon solutions is one of the largest in Southeast Europe. Author Stjepan Pavliša has held a presentation on ...

Leading leaders from the gas sector and UPP from the Republic of Croatia and more than 20 countries participated in the meeting. During the previous 37 editions, the INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS OF GAS EXPERTS enabled the business connection of more than 17,000 experts from the sector, from more than 30 countries, and during the decade assisted in creating new partnerships and new businesses with pleasant socializing in Opatija. The meeting gathered around 500 recognized gas and energy experts from more than 20 countries, who presented their professional lectures and professional works. The interesting program of the conference included 10 current thematic units, related to the most current topics in the field of gas economy and energy.

The conference discussed the contribution of natural gas and gases from renewable sources in achieving a sustainable transport system. Numerous domestic and foreign experts presented papers on the issue of transportation, distribution, storage and consumption of natural gas with regard to ensuring an efficient, reliable and low-carbon gas system. Several interesting papers presented legal risk control instruments during the global energy crisis and the upcoming legislative regulation of hydrogen in Croatian legislation, as well as comparative solutions from other member states.

There was also a speech on the protection of end consumers in gas distribution systems and the influence of fuel value. Numerous exhibitors from the country and abroad presented advanced technical solutions for gas economy and energy at the exhibition of gas equipment and technology, which was held in parallel with the conference.


As part of the newest edition of quarterly journal “PLIN” released on December 2022. an article has been published about “safety measures for use of electrotechnical installations and equipment on gas facilities”.
The article was presented by author Stjepan Pavliša during the last year’s international scientific & expert meeting of gas professionals held during May 11-13, 2022 in Opatija.

Short abstract: 

All gas facilities are largely dependent on operation of integrated electrotechnical installations and equipment inside the gas facility system.

Due to safety requirements on gas facilities, electricity usage requirements are much more complex than the requirements for conventional electrical installations in general use.

Which is why this article is dedicated to the practical applications of compliant and non-compliant electrical installations and equipment regulations and standards applied to this area of expertise.


Come visit us during the next NAEPEC conference at our PA-EL booth No.E41.

NAEPEC (North Africa Petroleum Exhibition & Conference) is the largest and most influential International Exhibition and conference in the hydrocarbon and energy sectors in Africa and the Mediterranean, dedicated to the North African market and is the place to develop, grow and meet the energy and hydrocarbons industry professionals coming from all over the world.

Located at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona in Spain, NAEPEC will be held from 13th to 16th March 2023.


Our reliable BOILER-PROTECT system provides corrosion protection to the structures such as boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, gas washers, reactors and other process equipment.

Protect properly - Protect once. 

Pelješac Bridge - Official opening

26th of July marks the day for official opening of the majestic Pelješac bridge in Croatia.

We are proud for having been able to collaborate on this major undertaking to help bridge the very south of Croatia territory together to the mainland. 

Cathodic protection survey on platform

Cathodic protection survey on unmanned gas platform, Adriatic Sea. The status of a particular subsea jacket is -1020 mV vs. Ag/AgCl SW on average.

CPDL-1 data logger technology overview

PA-EL’s CPDL-1 data logger provides simple and reliable way to store measured data on the state of cathodic protection of metal structures. In use, the CPDL-1 data logger behaves like a “black box” on cathodically protected structures and stores cathodic protection data within its memory until it is recalibrated.

Storage of cathodic protection measurement data on the CPDL-1 is performed in the defined time intervals during which the measurement data from the reference electrode is written to the data logger’s memory. The frequency of data logging on the CPDL-1 can be set in the range of 5 seconds up to a week per record, while the built-in non-rechargeable battery inside the data logger allows device autonomy of at least one year at a recording rate of 1 log/hour.

The collected data from CPDL-1 can be transferred to the computer using the software tool CPDL-1 user, for which it is necessary to connect the data logger to the computer with a USB cable type “USB-A <-> USB mini”. After downloading, data / measurements taken from the data logger are stored in .csv format and after transferring to a computer, it can easily be opened via standard spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel, Libre / Open Office Calc and similar programs, where the data can additionally be processed as required.

Mapping of corrosion and protective potential of steel reinforcement on Pelješac bridge

LNG Croatia

PA-EL is participating in the construction of the LNG terminal on the island of Krk, which is known as the most important energy project that was realized in Croatia in last twenty years. Start of operational activities on LNG terminal are planned for the beginning of January 2021, which will bring a numerous and significant new opportunities for development of Croatian gas market and economy as well. During the construction of the LNG terminal, PA-EL was given the task of creating a complete impressed current cathodic protection system, which is at the moment approaching the final stage. System that has been pre-commissioned successfully yesterday is composed of:

  • cathodic protection for immersed piles  
  • cathodic protection for transport gas main
  • internal cathodic protection for fire water tank
  • cathodic protection for fire water tank bottom

We in PA-EL are exceptionally proud to be a part of this significant project for Croatia.


The annual congress of the European Federation of Corrosion will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on August 27-31, 2023, at the Brussels Meeting Square. Attracting more than a thousand delegates, it is held every year usually in September in a different European country. EUROCORR is known for its high technical standard and popular social program. The main theme of the congress this year is "Driving corrosion prediction and protection towards a circular economy".

PA-EL’s own NACE certified technologist Krešimir Kekez will attend the congress and hold presentations related to two expert papers, one of which defines the procedure for "Urgent retrofitting of heavily damaged heat exchanger with impressed current cathodic protection" while the second paper describes "Evaluation of riser-to-platform isolating joints condition over group of gas platforms in the Adriatic Sea".


The aforementioned presentations can be attended live at the EUROCORR 2023 congress as part of the extended topic "JS 9 Cathodic protection in the marine environment (WP 9 + WP 16)":


Presentation "Urgent retrofitting of heavily damaged heat exchanger with impressed current cathodic protection"

- will be held on Monday, August 28, 2023. in Hall 13 – Studio 202;

- the scheduled duration of the presentation is from 14:15 to 14:35.


Presentation "Evaluation of riser-to-platform isolating joints condition over group of gas platforms in the Adriatic Sea"

- will be held on Monday, August 28, 2023. in Hall 13 – Studio 202;

- the scheduled duration of the presentation is from 17:05 to 17:25.