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Cathodic protection of buried and immersed metal structures = safety and environmental protection

On buried and immersed metal structures, corrosion makes huge damage despite many types of protective coatings.

Corrosion damages metal structures so in use of such structures safety and exploitation is in question. From that point of view cathodic protection should be one of the necessities for owners of metal constructions. Read more here


During EUROCORR 2018 in Krakow two papers related to PA-EL company, one professional and the other scientific, were presented; REHABILITATION OF WATER HEATER TANKS WITH ADVANCED CATHODIC PROTECTION (K. Kekez) and DYNAMIC DC INTERFERENCES ON PIPELINES DETECTED BY SIMULTANEOUS MULTIPARAMETRIC FIELD MEASUREMENTS, FREQUENCY PLOTS AND CROSS WAVELET ANALYSIS (S. Martinez). In general conference was successful meeting point for industry professionals, an annual opportunity to exchange experience.


On May 24th, 2018, at the Congress Center "Antunović", the 15th Croatian seminar on pressure equipment was held. Organized by Energetika marketing and the Croatian Expert-Scientific Association for Energy, Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy (HESO) the seminar gathered a large number of participants who are in any way associated with pressure equipment in their daily work, approximately 170 participants.
PA-EL company held a presentation on the topic of „Maintaining and verifying the accuracy of the cathodic protection system on buried steel pressure vessels”.

About us

PA-EL d.o.o. is a modern, innovative and efficient Croatian company for design, production of equipment, installation and maintenance for cathodic protection systems and electrical installations.

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PA‐EL is able to provide you with most of the equipment that you need in cathodic protection systems. At one place you can order transformer/rectifier units (manual and automatic control), FeSiCr, Mg, Zn anodes, MMO tubular and wire anodes, reference electrodes, polarization cells, cables, metallurgical coke, polyester/steel cabinets and test posts, software and SCADA systems for cathodic protection and also for odorization stations.

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From 09th to 11th May 2018, organized by the Croatian Gas Center Ltd. and the Croatian Association of Gas Professionals (HSUP) at the Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija Conference Center, 33rd International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Specialists was held. The three-day international gas conference and exhibition is one of the largest annual gatherings of gas specialists in Central and South-Eastern Europe. It gathered more than 600 participants from 22 European countries and the world.
The meeting was attended by experts on gas and energy, managers of leading European energy companies, scientists from renowned Croatian and European universities, transport representatives, suppliers, gas producers and distributors, as well as representatives of large industrial gas consumers and producers of gas equipment from the country and abroad.
PA-EL participated as an exhibitor with more that 100 of its own products and equipment for catodic protection, as well as with other services in design, installation and maintainance.


From 06th to 08th May 2018, at the Hotel “Omorika” in Crikvenica, organized by the Electrotechnic Society of Zagreb, the 36th International Electrical Engineers Symposium (EIS 2018) was held. Topics discussed were: the development of high voltage transmission network in Croatia and the possibilities of international cooperation, low-voltage and high-voltage electrical installations and lightning protection systems (LPS), standardization, accreditation and technical legislation, information and communication technologies, accreditation of legal and physical entities as a contributor to the research activity and/or previous research in electrical engineering (construction/engineering) and many others.
PA-EL participated in lectures and also as exhibitor with its products and services.


Our experts have designed, manufactured and installed equipment in more than 4000 different structures in Croatia, Middle and Southeast Europe, Algeria, Sudan and Russia. Our staff regularly attends meetings of experts around the world. Technical solutions and equipment are in accordance with customer requirements and comply with the most relevant standardization rules, such as ISO, EN, NACE…

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Research and development

Research and development is foundation of PA-EL strength on the domestic and foreign markets. Investments in the development of new technologies and their application in manufacturing and construction has enabled the quality of key products and services used in cathodic protection and electrical engineering systems, all in line with customer requirements and in accordance with world standards.

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