Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection is the best corrosion control system for embedded and immersed steel structures.
PA-EL has expert teams and specialised equipment. We use the most reliable cathodic protection systems in Croatia.

PA-EL’s systems can be maintained on your own so you do not depend on spare parts delivery, or you can immediately arrange maintenance with us.

PA-EL’s equipment has a lifespan of over 10 years.

With minimal maintenance, there are
  • less than 1% of defects within the guarantee period
  • less than 5% defects within the first 5 years

Our goal is to do periodical tests and thus assure the functional accuracy of the system, in desire to upgrade the equipment or replace it due to design or modernization requirements, and all in the light of sustainable technology and infrastructure maintenance.

Cathodic protection of buried and immersed metal structures = safety and environmental protection

On buried and immersed metal structures, corrosion makes huge damage despite many types of protective coatings. Corrosion damages metal structures so in use of such structures safety and exploitation is in question. From that point of view cathodic protection should be one of the necessities for owners of metal constructions.

Cathodic protection is proven to be the most successful measure of corrosion protection on buried and immersed metal structures. Depending on the type and purpose of metal structures application of cathodic protection systems should be regulated by various technical standards and regulations.

Cathodic protection systems primarily stop the corrosion and maintain the usability of the structure. But CP is also considered as a mean of maintaining the safety of metal structures exploitation, by preserving their integrity and by protecting the environment. It is difficult to determine the various benefits of using cathodic protection, but what is proven in the history is that damage, booth economical and environmental caused by corrosion cannot be compared to cost and benefits that arise from installation of cathodic protection systems on metal structures.

There are many cases with irreversible damages of losing human lives and the suffering of the animal and plant world, as well as permanent environmental pollution. Due to the above-mentioned events, cathodic protection should be one often basic systems installed for safety and maintenance of metal structures and CP is applicable to almost all structures or structures that only have metal parts in the sectors of the oil, gas, water, transport infrastructure on land and in the sea.